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Moira’s Little Mother’s Day – Holidays at Rawhide Ranch


Maggie Ryan 


Moira's Little Mother's Day

Release Date: April 28th

FREE with Kindle Unlimited!



It was supposed to be a simple job assignment.

Except it’s not.

Not when her assignment takes her to Rawhide Ranch, a place Moira has dreamed about for years.

And certainly not when it pits her against rugged, sexy cowboy Jason Jaeger.

Known as Master Jagger at the Ranch, everything about him is straight out of her deepest, darkest desires.

But sharing those secrets already cost her the life she’d loved back in Texas, and she’s not about to make the same mistake again.

Even if Jagger’s growled demands make her want to throw herself at him – and straight over his lap.

Rawhide Ranch is supposed to be the place where a Little girl’s dreams can come true.

Is she brave enough to risk the comfortable life she has for the life she’s always wanted?

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